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Tanzania is undoubtedly one of Africa's most beautiful and interesting destinations. The country is a list of incredible sights including Africa's highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro; the famous Serengeti National Park; awesome Ngorongoro Crater; Africa's largest game reserve, The Selous; Africa's longest and deepest lake, Tanganyika; and chimp sanctuaries Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains national parks, just to name a few. Zanzibar and Pemba islands offer tropical paradise with a Swahili touch and the Tanzanian people are as friendly as they come.

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Ol Donyo Lengai 'The Mountain of Gods'

“Oldoinyo Lengai” means “The Mountain of God” in the Maasai language. The summit of this strato-volcano is 2962 metres above sea level, and affords direct views into the caldera of Tanzania’s only officially-certified active volcano, and the world’s only carbonatite volcano; records of eruptions have been maintained since 1883, the largest of which deposited ash 100 kilometres away in Loliondo on the Tanzania side. This volcan is expected to erupt any minutes, month or year from now!


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Would you like to know other wonders in Tanzania that very few tourist have been there? Contact us we are ready to share our experience and love for the country with you. We can even come and see you to create more personal touch with the company your going to travel with.

Sele is a Tanzania who has been living in Norway but born and grow up in Tanzania and work in one of the bigest game reserve in Africa. he has been doing walking safaris with guest and he knows more the bush than the towns..